Bamboo’s House Design in Costa Rica by Benjamin Garcia

This is great! A house made by bamboo and designed carefully with all artistic concepts. Do you know that this house is almost all uses bamboo as the material? This is the implementation of Benjamin Garcia to designing a great house using economical budget.

This house is a beautiful house with its art deco. All built with the concept of a thorough and interesting design. Bamboo wall that became the main focus of course use a bamboo ring. It’s different than usually house maids often use bamboo matting. Bamboo ring designs on this house are form an environmentally friendly design. Simply using natural ventilation alone this house is quite cool and does not require air conditioning.

So did the roof on the bamboo’s house design. The roof was made into a cone with a bamboo ring that allows us to see the moon at night. It’s truly fascinating and intelligent design. This bamboo’s house is complete with a presence also in the house and garden hammock that adds an exotic design.

Image for Bamboo’s House Design in Costa Rica, bamboo house design

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Bamboos House

Image for Bamboo’s House Design in Costa Rica

Image for Bamboo’s House Design in Costa Rica

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