Cheap Living Room Furniture with DIY Sofa Covers

If you are the creative sort, and are seeking the cheap living room furniture, some DIY sofa covers are the best idea, and then here are some tips that could come in handy. To start with, select your DIY sofa slipcover fabric. The trick is to select something that not only looks good, but is also easy to maintain. If you are not very comfortable with stitching, it is important that the fabric you opt for is easy to handle while stitching. For example fabrics like cotton and denims are much easier to stitch than fabrics like silk- that is delicate and keeps slipping off. Now cut out the fabric properly, leaving a margin on the sides for some extra space that would be taken up for folds and stitches. Stitch the cloth carefully, interlocking the fabrics well. A double or triple layer of stitch is highly recommended to make sure that even if one stitch opens up later, at least the other layer would be still there to hold the cloth together. This makes your DIY sofa covers stronger and last longer as the cheap living room furniture.

Dark Brown Sofa Cover

White Sofa Cover Color

Sofa Cover in Energetic Orange

White Cotton Sofa Cover Material

White DIY Sofa Slipcover

Simple Chic DIY Sofa Cover

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